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Jun. 8th, 2010

Rar Rar. This is Qem

Hi! I'm Qem, 21 years old, Australia, I read/watch fanfic, fan art, amv's and canon for more fandoms then I care to count, though I suppose Inuyasha, Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go would be major and oofuri, mx0, eyeshield and xxxholic would be current.

This is a fandom random journal, though I might post memes and random things of interest.

I mostly use this journal for the friendslist and communities here, as well as little updates on my life.

Feel free to drop links my way through here.

Aug. 17th, 2008

RIP Moocow 17/8/2008

Little dogs you expect to somersault, but it always came as a surprise that a big dog could, even though really it was thanks to the fact that your mother could jump fences that we got you in the first place - and do it over and over again. I'll still remember the 2 & 1/2 one, where you landed so heavily I could hear cracking sounds - you stopped doing somersaults after that but you still leapt so high that I could believe you thought you were flying and I wished I could jump like you.

You were a silly bright intelligent dog, too good to us kids, though you played with us so much just the same - a tomboy girl just like us - going up and down the slide, joining us on the top of the wooden bus, you even joined us to lie on the trampoline though it was clear it was not your favourite and you avoided that as much a possible.

We'd play fetch & tuggawar. You liked fetch and were good at it - except for the whole letting go thing, running fast for the long ones, leaping high to catch the high ones - those were the ones that brought about your infamous somersaults. But tuggawar was fun too as I got big enough to be able to lift the toy and you with it - wagging your tail furiously.

Some of the toys were too big for you to catch so we played soccer instead with you as a centre/goalie, and I'll always remember, calculating how to throw the basketball just so - so that you could throw it back. It was those balls that had me convinced you wanted to join the circus with the way you'd balance your front paws scrabbling on top sometimes rolling it near the back of the house, if we threw them away from you for you to chase.

I'll remember how you used to torment the neighbour with our old wooden rickety fence - she said you'd come over to poo on her side - and she could tell your dog poo apart from her dogs - as theirs went dry and white where as yours stayed brown and smelly - much harder to clean up.

You raged war with the plants - you'd wait until the tomatoes were big and green - with just a hint of red - and pop them off with a fierce snap. The bird of paradise had a pathway straight through and no flowers for many years - though it's health came back as yours declined.

I'll remember your garbage gut ways - you'd eat anything we didn't want taking leftover meat from our plates then look at daddy-kins with big eyes and get your own meal. I remember that horrible, horrible canned fruit salad that mum won a bet on - saying you'd eat it. And so you did but with slow gulps and big eyes - as if saying - "well just for you". But it wasn't just that as you'd also steal food from the guinea pigs - you'd figured out if we were careless and left their plate of food close to the edge, your long tongue could roll it out.

The poor guinea pigs - you'd steal apples left on the top of their cage and crunch them nearby as they watched and you were always jealous when we fed them, so we always offer you bits of what we were feeding them - you didn't like it - lettuce leaves were not to your taste - but you always insisted on having a bit first - just in case.

You'd try to drive them crazy in other ways as well, charging at their cage but stopping just before - banging into cages hurts after all - just to drive them crazy. The babies always scattered but the Matron of the Clan, Princess always called you on it - you never could get her to budge while she was in the cage. Outside of the cage was a different matter though, and when they escaped you helped nose them back to where we could catch them.

I remember working on a science project outside, giving up with loving exasperation on getting you to stay out of the photographs, and instead including you in them as my assistant. I marked you harshly with only 3 points out of ten - for enthusiasm and cuteness, but lack of opposable thumbs interfered severely with your capabilities - but after I thought maybe I marked a little too harsh - since I'm still convinced I got bonus points for making the teacher laugh.

You were good at that - making people laugh - one of the neighbours used to come out just for your walks - one of the manholes - and only that one, you would do a dance upon, a raging circle of bounces and barks. We could never figure out why that manhole and only that one - were their rats? Did you smell your toy that floated down into the gutter at one point and kept it up in memory? But it always seemed to be your favourite point in the walk.

It was so sad watching as the years went on, and instead of you taking us for walks it became the other way around. At the end you were exhausted just going a block down the hill - and it took an hour just to come back.

I know working dogs don't live that long, but 15 years still seems too short. Dad was always too embarrassed to tell your name to the vet, but to me you were and always will be - the bestest dog in the world - Moocow.

Jul. 24th, 2008

The russians are coming?

@.@; I keep being friended by Russian journals. D:

Bablefish has no answers only really paranoid type theories. D:

Jul. 21st, 2008

[fifthmus] ...


Dear Touya Akira-muse
This story is not about you. You don't turn up to the stories that are meant to be about you! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DOUBLE THE PLOT ON THE DAY THAT THE STORY IS DUE?

I mean. ;>.>

No love
Waya-muse wants you in a bunny suit for host club. Kyouya believes that this will be of benefit to him. JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE IF YOU KEEP THIS UP.

P.P.S Someone was asking me about fifthmus the other day, so yes I know it's due today, Yes Akira aside I'm expecting to finish it in time, and yes, word limit is not an issue - I'm already 500 words over the minimum.

Jul. 19th, 2008


The most appropriate action with SPAM is:

if it's anonymous delete and Mark as SPAM so that it can be analysed as such and IP addresses blocked on a Squeaky type level.
If it belongs to a rogue account however there is a a different action that can be taken, please report it to Abuse since they can send a warning to the account and suspend it if necessary.

I need to have this covered in an FAQ. Anyone care to help with phrasing ? D:

Jul. 14th, 2008

Random rant of the moment

Dear "real" nintendo fans who like to bitch about the wii catering to the mainstream and not hardcore gamers.

Plz analyse the gamecube sales.

Sincerely wishing you'd just get over it already~

P.S am alive, fiancé is finally here, WYD is interesting, I am sorry for things I haven't responded to that I need to, I need to figure out an alternative ring exchange that will have both the church and the fiance happy. @.@:
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Jul. 1st, 2008

My thoughts on Dojo one of the major characters library wars can be described as thus:

Episode 1: He reminds me kind of a short Mustang and Kasahara is like a tall female Ed. Lucky for me this is going to make the series far more hilarious!

(Actual dialog after exposure:
Wuv: See isn't it awesome! Like fullmetal panic!
Qem: Yes it is! Except I'm thinking a different kind of fullmetal! :D
Wuv: ... I'm not going to ask. )

Episode 2: Bwhahahahahaha. Okay maybe the Roy comparison is a bit unfair. He's way more awesome! This is so cute.

Episode 3: ... I think I ship him with everyone. o_O

That's all I've seen so far. @.@; (Yay for portable media devices.)

Jun. 26th, 2008

Wedding notes

Keeping track of readings I like to go over later for wedding. Not all are appropriate but will cut and paste.

Also. I really really don't like Timothy. ;>.>

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The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicise those you intend to read
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Strike out the ones you thought SUCKED.
Hmmmm. )

No promises on how well I remember them though. I find it hilarious how most of these (like Dune, Jane Austin, Charls dickens etc) are from when I was 15 or younger. (AKA seven years ago. ~.~; *is old* :P)

Jun. 2nd, 2008


Car broke down and payphone ate my money and wouldn't connect. =/

Came into uni to look up roadside assist.

Life is teh suck.

The animal that is most closely identifable with Wolverine from xmen is a frog.


'Horror frog' breaks own bones to produce claws

... It's even hairy.

May. 29th, 2008

Because my life is just that good.

B: What did you do to your hand?
Q: Doctor thinks I broke my ring finger.
B: Your philosophy on life is to just stick a band-aid on, isn't it?
Q: Well... I was a cub scout.

May. 26th, 2008

Still busy and behind on everything.

Blind_go results are up - I was Amar.

Slightly conflicted about what I should do story wise.

For this story I have three things to post.

1. The Directors Version - I annotated the fic the day after I posted it, because I wanted to do more in that world. And it's a complicated world. With about four characters trying to take over the story. And none of them are called Hikaru.

... I think Hikaru-muse is shy. o.O;

2. The background piece that I was going to post as an in between. The this might explain what actually occurred but it won't say why. Ahahaha. I don't like it. And I try not to post things that don't have something I like about it. ;>.>

3. THE SON OF A BASTARD, thing that I'm working on. Which will go over the whys and the details and I'm sort of liking it apart from the four characters pulling it this way and that. Incidentally those four characters aren't meant to be starring in this piece. Their meant to be directional characters. And they are. Who want to direct it their way.

But I think the annotated version spoils this. *squints*

... I still have my habit of changing what I'm writing last minute. D: This is possibly why I now have the problems with the four characters pulling the story, otherwise I might of been able to get it down to two.

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Wait till actual proper side-story is finished then post it all together
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Post prequel now. Post directors version with story.
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Post directors now, never post prequel, post story whenever it occurs
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Filter post what she has now for interested friend type people make public later
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Qem should

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May. 17th, 2008

I don't thnk people will have to look twice here

I'm dying of laughter.

There is a gorilla in my house. And it is dancing.

May. 15th, 2008

Good thing or Bad thing...

My friend C has developed a sixth sense for when I walk into the computer labs. XD

It started with I would walk behind him and say Hi, as I came into the labs, then I started poking him back of neck (why yes, I am annoying!) - and he's done the same to me...

Anyway, this quiet warfare that started this year, has escalated to the point where C - who is almost always in the comp labs before me, has developed psychic powers - he can sense when I walk in the room.

Take today - it is rare I am in the complabs on a thursday morning. I walk into the labs moving quickly to the side of the room - and he gets this look on his face and looks at the door (I am behind a set of computer tables on the opposite side of the room) - shakes his head and goes back to work.

XD I might of given the game away when I started cracking up at that though.

May. 14th, 2008


  1. Caught up on IJ flist. Sorry. D:
  2. Drank more than a liter of chocolate milk. I am cheap, useby date was today, it didn't taste funny or look strange. It was also two full liters and hadn't been opened. ~.~ (If it was normal milk it would of probably gone straight to the dog even though I like normal milk more normally - it tents to taste ... off. Also. While I'm talking about it. USA Milk largely tastes weird. Same sort of ... off. >.<;)
  3. Was creeped out by google images, found me. D:
  4. No computer = no manga, but today I got to read on favourite daily sites.
  5. I miss tbf. ;.;
  6. Wrote fanfic.
  7. ... didn't work on my essay. Did research for it though. But no notes, no words.
  8. Am currently performing a great social experiment! :D Will post my results in a month. It is strictly observation based and quite ethical! Also, being conducted in real life. This may possibly be a part. mwhahahahahahah.
  9. I feel very full, but also happy.

My mother is shocked and horrified that Qem speaks in the third person. Qem also suspects that her father is reading over her shoulder right now. Oh dear.

May. 12th, 2008

I maintain that.

Running outside and grumbling about the stupidity of people in general is a TOTALLY valid form of excerise.

May. 4th, 2008

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2008, Roundhouse @ UNSW

What: SMASH! - Sydney Manga Anime SHow!
When: August 2nd 2008, 10am-8pm
Where: Roundhouse @ University of New South Wales
How: Travel Guide Available here.
Why: Maid Café, Art Comps, stage events, AMV, Madman Cosplay Comp, Cosplay Games, a variety of Panels, Screenings, Trivias PLUS special new events; Manga Idol, Karaoke and more.


SMASH! is very pleased to announce a first for SMASH! A first for Australia. A very special guest:

A seiyuu.

Yes. That's right, a seiyuu.

SMASH! is very pleased to announce our special guest for SMASH! 2008!

Hidenobu Kiuchi!

SMASH! 2008 is going to have the very first Japanese Voice Actor to make an appearance at an Australian Convention!

Kiuchi is a talented seiyuu who is well known for his role as Oshitari Yuushi from Prince of Tennis, and more recently, Ryohei Sasagawa in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He has also starred in a number of leading roles including, but not limited to, Kenzo Tenma (Monster), Ren Honjo (Nana), Hei (Darker than Black), Ryuuren Ran (Saiunkoku Monogatari), José (Gunslinger Girls) - and his credits also include Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, Pokemon, Hunter x Hunter and many more!

And the best news of all - this won't affect your hip pocket, with prices still $10 for pre-registration and $15 at the door.

P.S May The Fourth Be With You.

May. 3rd, 2008

Longer update later

1. Life has been horrible.
2. The news that I just got makes me want to go
3. Clearing out support stuff today hopefully.
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Apr. 23rd, 2008

tired and unhappy Qem

One of the very few pieces of good news I've gotten recently is my fiance finally got his visa so he's coming to Australia. Yay.

My computer is FUCKED. Which means I'm using uni/sibling computers - both of which are not easily available at the present point.

I'm having a bit of trouble keeping my emotions calm at the moment. I just. argh. this year it's been stupid people EVERYWHERE, and no time to fix things and I'm turning into a frightful bossyboots with a couple of things. =/

I'm usually one of the last people to be involved in religious arguments.

That doesn't mean that I'm not religious -I'm Catholic. Christian. CATHOLIC=Christian.

Though Christianity!=Catholic.


This is a concept that is frighteningly difficult for people to grasp apparently.

little ramble for today because this is just pissing me off too much )

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