Qem's IJ resource list for friends.

Some places to help get settled at IJ. To be edited, etc.

Disclaimer: Listing here, means I think it's useful, fun or potentially either so. Not that I necessarily use it. =P

Don't want an IJ account but want to be able to keep up with friends on there?

Use Semagic but updating multiple journals is trouble?
Semagic lets you post to multiple journals at once with just a click of the settings. :D

What is IJ's policy on deleting stuff?

How to use insanejournal
http://mllesatine.insanejournal.com/9998.html - from abuse team to features to third party clients

General IJ:
[info]announcements - this is the news community of IJ, and gives updates on upgrades to the system.

[info]newcomers - is a good place to introduce yourself if you want to get to know some faces on there.

[info]addme - Addme places are places where you go and recruit for friends... It's a place to introduce yourself and find people with similar interests.

[info]randomquestions - for asking random questions. *g*

Got a problem?

Is where to find the InsaneJournal volunteers. :)

What's that thing I keep hearing about, an ellll-jay?

[info]where_is_lj - for updates on what's happening at LJ - so when LJ goes down you can go there for updates on what's happening, if it's just you or the entire world.

[info]07refugees - I'm not entirely sure what's on there, having never followed it, but I remember it had some good info on there, though it's made up by a lot of people very angry at LJ and moving off of LJ during the strikethrough thing. Definitely a place to go if your unhappy with LJ's policies.

Baby got back:
And if you want to back up your LJ to IJ try using the method detailed here:

IJ is also compatible with LJbook which is a way to back up your blog to PDF or arrange to have it printed. =)


Finding stuff that you want / getting word out.

[info]asylum_promo - a place for advertising new communities on IJ and getting support for them.

[info]syn_promo - for promoting new syndication feeds
http://www.insanejournal.com/syn/list.bml - a list of the top 1000 syndication feeds (in other words, all of them. *g*)

[info]fandomdirectory - attempts to list fandom communities on IJ. Including RPG's, but excluding Nexus ones.
http://asylums.insanejournal.com/fandomdirectory/2007/07/20/ //masterlist

[info]nexusdirectory - the nexus directory.

[info]ijrpg_games - RPG advertisement.

[info]rpers_of_ij - Player advertisement. Players advertise themselves and mods try to recruit.

And as always INTEREST SEARCH.

Qem Pimps:

[info]ganbatte_love - a general anime/manga sports community because if Qem had to make a new one for each sports series she loved, she'd cry.

[info]rule34 - a place for finding fanfiction you want to read.

[info]hidden_treasure - a fanfic recommending community

100 Free Icons, now how can I fill that space?
[info]animeicons, etc, etc, etc.
[info]gen_icons - no fandom or celebrity here.
[info]fandom_icons - fandom icons.
[info]iconism - any icon any time.
[info]hpicons - harry potter icons
[info]jossverse_icons Buffy, Angel and Firefly icons

... Dude I ain't mentioning any more now.

Writing prompt/icon prompt comms

More community prompt lists!
http://ceruleagos.insanejournal.com/128772.html - awesome run down of some of the general, social, anime, videogame and rping comms.


Nike Dunk High

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